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Our Glue N Go Product

The Business Challenge

Florists have been making corsages and boutonnieres for years for a number of events and have thought nothing of pulling the raw materials together and assembling them from scratch. The effort was always viewed as, 'just one of the daily tasks that had to get done' and not as a problem. That is, until prom season arrived on the calendar! The florist was then faced with the challenge and daunting task of assembling a large number of corsages and boutonnieres for High School students planning to attend their prom. An average floral shop, within 2 to 3 days, would be inundated with 50 to 250 plus orders per dance with many of the orders coming in, not only on the last day, but after 1 p.m. on the day of the prom. Given that an average floral designer would take 20-30 minutes to cut raw materials and assemble 'one' corsage, the logistics for being able to supply the demand simply didn't work. Add in a second or third high school celebrating their prom the same week and you had a recipe for disaster. Cherisse Thomas, owner and founder of Consider The Lilies, saw the problem facing florists everywhere and said, "There's got to be a better way!"

The Business Solution

The answer to her question birthed a new product called 'Glue N Go, The 2 Minute Solution'. Glue N Go, provides the floral professional with a premade corsage with ribbons, bows, gems and optional LED light, minus the one component the florist apply themselves, (i.e. the fresh flowers), and in less than two minutes. The product is unique because the designer will take the premade in hand, add flowers, apply adhering glue which dries in 15 seconds and the piece is done. Orders can be taken up to the last minute and completed in the time it takes the customer to pay for it. Floral professionals alike now have a product that will allow them to keep up with customer demand. This is the better way and a win for everyone!

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